By Margaret Lyons
Updated April 28, 2009 at 08:15 PM EDT

Glaaaadiooooolas?! Snotfaces, I am all over this remake of Drop Dead Fred starring Russell Brand on two conditions: One, they keep the gag where Fred’s face gets flattened out in the refrigerator (favorite!); and two, Phoebe Cates be involved at least in some capacity — we don’t see enough of her, and she is awesome.

Assuming those conditions are met, DDF is ruh-ruh-ripe for a remake. It’s…kind of awful. (EW gave it an F when it came out. Burn!) And it’s creepy, but not in a funny way. The original is tonally incoherent — is it supposed to be hilarious, or a really, really depressing story about the long-term effects of emotional abuse? Oh, both? — and nothing fully develops. So there’s definitely room for improvement.

At its core, though, there are plenty of fun and substantive ideas behind DDF: that our childhoods inform our adult behaviors; that the combination of imagination and ambition we embrace in our youth is important as we grow up, too; that a little rebellion here and there keeps us from being pod-people. Russell Brand is ideal as Fred 2.0: Uninhibited, probably irresponsible, but not an actual trouble-seeking idiot. (I’m in the minority here among DDF fans, but I really hope Fred is less of an a–hole in this one. Seriously, we’re supposed to root for him, except he tracks poop through the house? Uh, that’s not a childlike sense of whimsy!) I’m not sure I’d be behind anyone else as Fred — Brand seems totally right.

Who’s with me, PopWatchers? Are you ready for a remake of Drop Dead Fred?