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by Phil Keoghan

Never knew the “virtual pit stops” stirred up so many emotions forpeople. Last night, I was in Ft. Wayne, Ind. having dinner and thiswoman approached me and started berating me for not eliminating a teamduring last night’s episode.

There’s no better look on team members’ faces than when they arrive atthe mat and I get to say: “You’re the first Team to arrive… (cuethe celebration) but you’re not done racing this leg and here is yournext clue.” Cue: “Are you kidding me?! We’re exhausted. This sucks.”Teams were definitely not too eager to keep racing after that leg. Itwas pretty brutal for all four teams.

I just want to say for the record that I think Kisha is a great big sister. I believe she really showed some of her true colors during last night’s episode. Her sister Jennifer could not have had a tougher, more frustrating leg. We were all pretty concerned that Jennifer wouldn’t even complete the detour. She was absolutely paralyzed by the water. I was really impressed with the way Kisha held it together for her sister and didn’t resort to yelling…or as Mel and Mike would say, going all “agro” on her. And for the record, not like I really need to say it, but how fast is Michael Phelps?

I know a thing or two about having to overcome being paralyzed in the water. I’m sure some of you have heard me talk about it before, but I had a near-death experience when I was 19 years old, while diving in an underwater ship wreck. I became separated from my team, couldn’t find my way out, and was quickly running out of oxygen. Talk about panic. I was eventually rescued, but it was definitely touch and go there for a while and by far the most fear I’ve ever experienced. I suspect Jen was feeling a little bit of that last night during the detour.

I was actually a little surprised that the teams were not better swimmers. With the exception of Margie and Luke, who flew through the detour, the teams weren’t as good in the pool as I thought they would have been. The high-dive detour was nearly impossible. Very difficult to sync up with another person like that springing off a diving board.

Margie-Luke vs. Kisha-Jen continues to fester. They aren’t putting aside their differences, which could definitely come into play as they head into the final two legs. As we’ve seen in all the seasons, it’s essential to try and ignore personal feelings when you get to this point in the race. If you don’t, you’ll definitely lose focus and make mistakes.

Still, out here on my Ride Across America…and just want to acknowledge all the Amazing Race fans who have come out to support us. We’ve had such amazing support in every town along this trip. Thousands and thousands of fans showing up asking to be eliminated. Wonder why no one ever seems to want to be the first team to arrive — they only ask to be eliminated.

We were in Chicago over the weekend and had over 600 potential racers auditioning for the chance to race around the globe next season. Great to see that.

With two all female teams heading into the final two legs, do you think we could finally – after 14 seasons – have an all girl team win the Race?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Blog you next week. Back to pedaling.

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