By Margaret Lyons
April 27, 2009 at 08:14 PM EDT

Food Network has launched a new website, for its Young Cool Foodsters Twitter Skateboard X-treem Eating For Bodacious Dudes younger demographic: Food2 has videos and recipes geared less towards a cooking-for-your-family crowd and more towards a cooking-for-your-own-20-something-self. Hey, that’s me!

On the win side: The videos are abundant and well made. I was a big fan of Kelsey when she was on Next Food Network Star, and giving her a Web series rather than a full-on TV show seems like a really good call. I’m less enthusiastic about her ostensibly odd-couple paring with Spike from the Chicago season of Top Chef. He wears a fedora! He’s so renegade! (Get away from me.) Still, the two make tasty-looking food and work well enough with each other. Some of their choices sort of surprise me  — blue cheese butter, which is just blue cheese in butter? er, jury’s out on that one — but I will totally watch more episodes of this.

There’s also Kitchen Conspirators, from the NY-based underground supper-club group Whisk & Ladle, and a how-to series with popular food blogger The Amateur Gourmet, Adam Roberts. Food2’s blog is on the sparse side, and some of the “tips” the site offers are pretty much headslappers — lemon juice on apples???? nooooooo! — but I guess “beta” means beta. Most annoyingly for a video site, the embed code is broken, so I can’t even make that stupid blue cheese butter thing go viral. Booooo.

Still, I dig it, PopWatch nation. How about you? Are you smelling what Food2’s cooking?