By Ken Tucker
Updated April 26, 2009 at 08:05 PM EDT

Just when it seems Breaking Bad cannot get much better, the show exceeds its personal-best: Make sure you catch Bob Odenkirk’s wily guest performance in the title role of the episode “Better Call Saul.” As a devious defense attorney operating out of a strip mall, the former half of Mr. Show is the soulless Saul Goodman. Jabbering into his bluetooth, taking bribes as though they were giveaway-samples of Red Bull, Odenkirk’s Saul manages to increase the energy of the already-wired Breaking Bad. Take a look (oh yeah: strong-language warning):

We can come back here tomorrow and discuss Walt and Jesse’s latest stab at making meth, money, and good life-choices while avoiding jail-time. We can reconvene to praise Anna Gunn’s increasingly prominent and wonderfully complex Skyler. And me, I can just say I’m going to start transcribing some of Walt’s speeches to people like his conniving, dullard students and use them as inspirational texts.

But the main thing is: Dig this episode tonight. You’ll thank me in the morning.