By Leah Greenblatt
April 24, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

For those of you without Tivo (seriously, am I the only one left? I might as well be writing this on a Commodore 64), commercials do have one advantage: Finding new music — or old favorites — via soundtracked ads, all while slothing on the couch, sweatpanted and horizontal in a pile of your own Veggie Booty crumbs.

Below, a few of the artist-ad pairings that may have rung tiny bells in your brain pan, but still left you Googling for answers over the last few weeks:

Peter Murphy, frontman for spiderweb-goth legends Bauhaus, singing the 1970 John Lennon solo classic “Instant Karma!” for Chase Bank:

Gentle Toronto folk-rockers Great Lake Swimmers’ “See You On the Moon” for the new Honda hybrid (you can find the song on the 2006 kids’ comp of the same title, also featuring Hot Chip Broken Social Scene):

What’s Victoria’s secret? Harp-plucking wood nymph/indie fanboy pinup Joanna Newsom‘s ethereal “Sprout and Bean” is currently helping the massive panty-pimping chain sell bras. (The track also appeared in last year’s Liv Tyler horror film The Strangers):

Glammy L.A. rockers Shiny Toy Guns take on Peter Schilling’s 1983 synth-pop sequel to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (which Cat Power actually covered for another Lincoln ad last year) — the song was recorded specifically for the commercial; you can stream it on the band’s website:

Readers, any other commercials that have grabbed you lately?

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