By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated December 20, 2019 at 12:18 AM EST

“Lil Wayne was on The View this morning?” Videogum asks. “Why?” The answer is obvious: Why not? Whyever would we want to question the idea of placing rap’s Martian crown prince in the same room as the queens of daytime talk, and then airing the results on television? Didn’t you see what happened when he sat down with Katie Couric?!

Weezy’s View interview didn’t produce quite as many awkward or bizarre moments as that one, but we still learned so much. Like: Those diamond-encrusted things on Wayne’s teeth are prescribed orthodontia. “They actually are my form of braces,” he explained to the fascinated View ladies. “They don’t come out like other grills.” Also: Wayne emphatically “love[s] to smoke” marijuana. This was not technically a new fact that I learned on The View, but still. And finally: Lil Wayne and Sherri Shepherd made friends years ago on the set of Who’s Your Caddy?, a fact which really did blow my mind a little bit.

Check out the whole clip below. Lil Wayne also performed his abominable single “Prom Queen”; I refuse to embed that here, but you can see it over at Videogum if you truly must. (One saving grace: I will admit that as much as I dislike Wayne’s recent spate of very bad “rock” music, I do kinda like the modified Elvis Costello hat/glasses look that he’s taken on while promoting it.) Then, let’s hear it. What’s your favorite part of Wayne’s View visit?

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