By Jami Lundborg
April 24, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

All you Idol fanatics came out in force this week, commenting on pretty much anything related to the current home of Glambert and the pink-haired rocker. Who knew disco still had some pull? I’ll have to break out my bell bottoms and take it to funky town. But, before I brush up on my jive talkin’, let us Enter the Fray:

10. Whitney Pastorek encouraged you to save Chuck.

9. Michael Slezak offered some disco song suggestions for the Idols, and you all did, too.

8. Lynette Rice wished Larry King hadn’t jabbered on about Twitter and had given us more of Susan Boyle instead.

7. Mandi Bierly got misty when she read If I Stay, and wanted to know what books start your tears a-flowin’.

6. Mandi cheered right up, however, at the sight of New Moon‘s delicious, bare-chested wolf pack.

5. Whitney was On the Scene for Disco Night and Idol‘s double elimination.

4. Glambert maintained his position atop Slezak’s Idol Power List.

3. Jeff Probst asked for your feedback about Survivor: Tocantins, and you gave it to him!

2. Disco Night wasn’t nearly as bad as Slezak was afraid it would be, and you all shared your thoughts during the show on our live blog.

1. Jennifer Armstrong was pleasantly surprised by Perez Hilton’s ‘Miss USA’ question, and wanted to know how you felt about it — and you (passionately!) told her.

addCredit(“Lambert: Michael Becker/Fox; Boyle: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images; Hilton: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic”)