On this off week, Doc Jensen finds his way from ''Scrubs'' to Bear vs. Shark to Ed Wood to (naturally) ''Lost''; makes a couple of corrections and clarifications; and looks ahead to next week's ''Variable''

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Updated April 23, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT


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Obi-Wan: ”So what I told you was true…from a certain point of view.”
Luke: ”’A certain point of view?!”’

Every Thursday night for the past several months, I’ve been meeting with a group of about 15 people in Long Beach, Calif., just to shoot the breeze about the latest developments in pop culture. Everything from Octomom to Susan Boyle, The Amazing Race to Supernatural, Watchmen to the films of James Toback, U2 to Paul Simon. Lately, I’ve been exposing these wonderful people to The Prisoner, which none of them has ever seen. (Incredible!) We represent a variety of interests and opinions, but we have a few things in common. For one thing, we all go to the same church. And we also all love Lost…except for two poor souls who sit there every week with ”What the hell are they talking about?” looks on their faces as they endure an inevitable 20- to 30-minute processing session about the previous night’s episode. Now I know what I must look like when people hold me hostage with conversation about Gossip Girl.

Anyway, last week, I had just got done rehashing for the group my pseudo-scholarly analysis of ”Some Like It Hoth,” complete with connections to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, when a bright young woman made the following observation: ”You know what I loved about the episode? I loved the great irony of a guy who has this amazing ability to talk to the dead, who’s downright comfortable talking with the dead — and yet he’s totally uncomfortable if not incapable of speaking with the living, including his own long-lost father who he’s just now found!” In the interior space of my mind, where the personification of my consciousness sits in a recliner and processes the experiences of my life while stealing glances at the ESPN news ticker for Seattle Mariners scores, Inner Me slapped Outer Me upside the head and yelled: ”You stupid pretentious twit! How come you can’t come up with brilliance like that!? You and your ‘Black Swan’ bulls—, I swear…”

All of this is to say, I thought the observation was a pretty perfect way to sum up last week’s episode. Perhaps my long-winded take on the show in my recap of ”Some Like It Hoth” was correct or valuable from a certain(ly nutty) point of view, but if I should ever have occasion to again express an opinion on the episode, I’m TOTALLY stealing her line.

Regarding the whole business of Lost characters communicating with (presumed) dead fathers via supernatural means: There was a connection I was meaning to make in last week’s ”Hoth” recap that, in my sleepy haze, I forgot to include. Remember waaay back in ”A Tale of Two Cities,” the premiere episode of season 3, when Jack was being held hostage on the Hydra station, and we were seeing that flashback to the time when he became certain his father was having an affair with his ex-wife, and there was that mysterious bit of business when Hydra Jack heard Christian Shephard’s voice crackling through the broken intercom? ”Let it go, Jack…” the voice said. I’ve never forgotten that cryptic moment, and it has always stood as one more bit of proof that there exists on the Island the likely possibility that thought and consciousness can interact and maybe even manipulate the environment.

Anyway, what does that moment have to do with ”Hoth,” in which a psychic character is challenged to let go of his daddy issues and move into a brighter, lighter phase of his life?

Oh, probably nothing.

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