By Kate Ward
Updated April 22, 2009 at 04:49 AM EDT
Credit: Vh1

Just a few nights after Rock of Love Bus made its official awesome bow on VH1, the network aired the finale of another trashtastic …Of Love series: the awkwardly titled For the Love of Ray J. The hip-hop/homemade porn star’s choice? He decided to go with Cocktail, the show’s fun, and face tattoo-less, contestant over Unique. (My guess as to what pushed him over to Cocktail’s side? Those oh-so-classy pre-dinner shots during her family visit. Only the best from VH1!)

But Ray J fans take solace: I’m guessing we’ll see plenty more of the title bachelor following the show’s reunion special, when we’ll likely witness the inevitable break-up between Ray J and his boozy chosen one. VH1 has been known to milk their …Of Love series in the past (hello, three seasons of Flavor of Love, three seasons of Rock of Love, and two seasons of I Love New York!), so why wouldn’t they grant For the Love of Ray J a second season, providing his relationship with Cocktail doesn’t work out (and it won’t)?

I, however, am going to make a plea against a second season: These …Of Love series simply don’t work unless the man, or woman, of the hour is charming (Bret Michaels), brash (New York), or sad/funny (Flavor Flav). Ray J, I’m sorry to say, is none of those. And the last thing we need are more unlikeable VH1 stars: The network is already going to make us sit through two Bachelorette-type series with two heinous Rock of Love alums, Muppet Janice Daisy De La Hoya and Megan Hauserman.

Agree with me, PopWatchers? Are you hoping VH1 will retire For the Love of Ray J? And who do you want to star in an …Of Love series? My personal vote: Big John of Love!