By Clark Collis
Updated December 20, 2019 at 05:40 AM EST

Last month I had a sitdown with Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas so he could tell me about the time he smoked Salman Rushdie “like a bong” and, oh yes, preview a selection of tracks from his second solo CD, Cradlesong, which is due out June 30. Thomas also asked my opinion about which of two tracks should be the first single off the album: the catchy but somewhat melancholic “Her Diamonds” or the more rocking, INXS-styled “Give Me The Meltdown.” I assured Thomas that “Meltdown” was unquestionably, undoubtedly, indubitably, the one to pick. So imagine my surprise to discover today that he has decided to reject my advice and go with “Her Diamonds.” Well, that’s it, Mr. High-and-Mighty Rock Star. I’m washing my hands of the whole matter! If you find yourself down to your last ten million bucks by year’s end then you really only have yourself to blame.

What do you think Music Mixers? Is “Her Diamonds” a good lead single? Or should Thomas have heeded my advice? Check out the track at and give us your opinion.

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