By John Young
Updated August 04, 2020 at 03:06 PM EDT

It’s the ad that just keeps giving! Of course, I’m referring to The National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) “Gathering Storm” video advertisement that, in a stroke of nearsighted literalism, actually placed actors in front of ominous storm clouds as they talked about the approaching “storm” of same-sex marriage. Since the ad’s debut earlier this month, people all around the entertainment universe have been taking a crack at it. On Tuesday, Funny or Die unveiled this parody video, which stars, among others, Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, Sophia Bush, George Takei, and Jane Lynch…

Verdict? The skit is funny, but takes too much time building up to its main punchline, that a “gay rain army” will fall, er, dance from the sky in a choreographed dance number. Couldn’t we have at least seen this dance number? Adam Shankman, where were you on this one? Now, Stephen Colbert’s parody ad that aired on The Colbert Report last Thursday (his fake ad starts 3:30 into the clip), that had a bit more bite in it…

Which clip did you enjoy more, PopWatchers? Do you feel these parodies are appropriate responses from the entertainment industry? Or would it have been better to have let the original NOM ad, and its inherent ridiculousness, stand on its own?