By Michael Slezak
Updated April 22, 2009 at 05:48 AM EDT

Why the heck am I not getting busy signals for Kris and Allison? (Gulp.) (Did I just type that out loud?) (Yikes, I did!) Anyhow, while I spent the last week dreading tonight’s Disco Extravaganza on American Idol, in reality, the telecast was…pretty interesting. [SPOILERS ahead, West coast readers!] Five of the seven singers radically rearranged beloved dance-floor classics, and while their attempts met with varying degrees of success, at least I don’t feel like I spent the last hour trapped in a karaoke bar in the Seventh Circle of Hell. (No thanks to Lil and Danny, of course.) Not surprisingly, the judges’ praise of Kris’ fantastic “She Works Hard for the Money” was coated in a light layer of freezer burn, Paula’s upper lip quivered with emotion during Glambert’s rendition of “If I Can’t Have You,” and Anoop sported a jaunty new haircut and stubble that was labeled “growth” by The Lady Abdul. Also: The judges were so tough on Lil, I kinda felt bad for her. Until, that is, she opened her trap and declared herself an artist of great originality and surprise. Or something like that. Anyhoo, I am off (and running!) to write my full TV Watch recap. Share your thoughts on Disco Night below, and don’t forget to sign up/make your picks in this week’s Idol Prediction Challenge. And if you feel wistful for season 7, there’s a Michael Johns interview and performance embedded below!