By Ken Tucker
Updated December 20, 2019 at 06:49 AM EST

Billy Bob Thornton was all smiles on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, yukking it up about life on the road with his band the Boxmasters and telling a “funny” anecdote about eating a big steak. It was a huge contrast from his widely-viewed interview with a Canadian DJ earlier this month, when Thornton turned into a grim avenger of hostile absurdism.

Did you watch that much YouTube-hit video? Then you, according to Thornton last night, are a “humpback geek,” as he described anyone who thought his rude behavior was fascinatingly appalling. If you want to be an object of Billy Bob’s contempt again, here’s the offending Canadian interview:

Kimmel began the interview promisingly, asking Thornton with mock-deference whether it was alright to refer to him as an actor, since mention of his primary profession was what caused the Canadian trouble. But disappointingly, Kimmel let Thornton off the hook. When the actor explained why he wielded his movie-star power to humiliate a modest disc jockey — or as Thornton called DJ Jian Ghomeshi, “some guy who lied to me” — he said vaguely, “a deal is a deal.”

Yet as the original video shows, the DJ explained that no such “deal” (i.e., not mentioning that Thornton has a career outside of his band the Boxmasters) was made with Ghomeshi. That guy was the victim of a star using his power to do his best to humiliate. But all Kimmel said was, “I understand. It’s rude.” Oh, Jimmy, you’re usually on the side of the little guy. You really think that Canadian host was “rude” to merely mention that Thornton is an award-winning actor and screenwriter?

Oh yeah, the Boxmasters performed a song on Kimmel last night. Thornton, the humble drummer, was front and center as lead singer. The song was nothing special.


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