By Margaret Lyons
April 21, 2009 at 09:37 PM EDT

Lego and Rock Band: Two great tastes that taste great togeths? I vote yes. Hells yes. The latest baby in the cheeky Lego videogame family is a brick-and-mortar-more brick version of the popular Rock Band franchise. It should be out in time for the holidays.

According to a press release, this release includes “Song 2,” “Kung Fu Fighting,” “The Final Countdown,” “Boys and Girls,” and “So What.” Uh…how do you not have “Brick House”? Is “Brick” too big a bummer? Was “Another Brick in the Wall” too tough to adapt? The Cowboy Junkies’ “Working on a Building” seems obvious, though I’d settle for “Building a Mystery.” If only there were a song called “what happened to the one effing piece I was looking for,” Lego Rock Band would really be in business. Also, they have to include “Fell In Love with a Girl,” right?

Okay, PopWatchers, snap this into place: What songs do you want to see and hear on Lego Rock Band?