By Rob Brunner
April 20, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Among the many, many discussions currently running on the always entertaining I Love Music message board is a debate about whether Melody Maker or the NME had the better year-end critics poll in 1987 (I know, this stuff can get pretty arcane). But reading through both lists, it occurred to me that ’87 was an amazing year for music. Here are just a few of the albums that came out that year:

U2, The Joshua Tree
Prince, Sign ‘O’ the Times
The Smiths, Strangeways Here We Come
Sonic Youth, Sister
Public Enemy, Yo! Bum Rush the Show
Dinosaur Jr., You’re Living All Over Me
REM, Document
The Replacements, Pleased To Meet Me
The Go-Betweens, Tallulah
Eric B & Rakim, Paid in Full
The Cure, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
The Pixies, Come on Pilgrim EP

Which raises two questions: 20 years from now, will best-of lists seem as impressive as this batch of classics? And what year was the ’80s’ very best for music? Have at it below!