A softer side of Sarah Silverman? Kinda. She’s among the stars of the new web series Pilot Season, which debuted on today. The first episode, embedded below, introduces us to actress Susan (Silverman) who, eight years ago, allowed her first pilot season in Los Angeles to be documented by film students — but then wouldn’t allow the film, titled Who’s the Caboose?, to be sold. Now, a new crew of students is making a sequel to the unreleased movie and catching up with Susan and Max, her ex boyfriend-turned-manager-turned-ex manager. We see footage from both “documentaries,” and there are definite laughs to be had. Particularly funny is Susan’s vague description of the show her current beau created for the Sci Fi Channel. I’m also digging the character Earl Wotterman, former star of the short-lived 1995 ABC series Don’t Forget Your Mother In-Law, who now sublets a place to lay his sleeping bag in the home Max tries to pass off as his own. (In the second episode, embedded after the jump, Earl talks about why he’s happy today — he’s no longer thinking about all the people who helped put him on “temporary hiatus” for seven years…and, of course, goes on to list them all). You want it to be as funny as a Christopher Guest movie, and it’s not. You can’t help thinking that there are real-life Earls out there whose true stories would be even funnier. But seeing how Pilot Season is slated to feature David Cross, Andy Dick, and Isla Fisher in upcoming guest roles, you’ll probably want to come back each Monday to see what happens next.