By Michael Ausiello
Updated April 20, 2009 at 10:50 PM EDT

Desperate Housewives

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“Marc Cherry just told me that I go up in a plane in the finale and my parachute doesn’t work. Do you think that means something?”

What it means is that Kyle MacLachlan is maintaining a very healthy sense of humor about rumors that his Desperate Housewives days are numbered.

All joking aside, MacLachlan — who was among the Wisteria Laners at Saturday’s Desperate Housewives event at PaleyFest ’09 — admits he’s anxiously awaiting word on what the future holds for Orson. “I don’t know Orson’s fate for sure, although I am pretty sure I am scheduled to be back next season,” he says. “I like these rumors because they keep people guessing… I want to come back for sure. I love this show and I think that Orson has gotten interesting again.”

It’s that, ahem, interesting place that has fueled buzz that Cherry is writing

Orson into the kind of corner lesser villains would have trouble

escaping from. And according to a DH insider, upcoming events

(including Bree’s decision to divorce him) will further isolate the


MacLachlan acknowledges that Orson has entered a bleak period. “He

is in a very dark place right now. His kleptomania and need to punish

Bree and the others around him essentially caused Edie’s crash, and it

may be responsible for more tragic and bad events. It will come to

a head and I am not sure if Bree and Orson’s marriage can survive all

this. But he isn’t evil. I just think he is pushed to the breaking

point. I don’t think Orson is like Dave. He isn’t nuts, but he is very

tired and very angry.”

What do you think? Is Orson beyond redemption — especially when you consider

this isn’t his first time at the loco rodeo (see also: running Mike

over)? Or do you agree with MacLachlan that a cuckoo Orson presents far more storyline possibilities than a sane one? Sound off below! (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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