By Kerrie Mitchell
Updated April 20, 2009 at 08:31 PM EDT
Tim Boyles/Getty Images

How cool is Bill Murray? First, as my colleague Whitney Pastorek blogged some months back, we learned that Bill Murray makes the most delightful house party guest. Then, this weekend, we found out that the funny-man actor accidentally hit a woman on the head with a golf ball after one of his shots got away from him during a Tampa Bay golf tournament. Okay, that part in and of itself isn’t so cool. But the woman, who lives on the course, was ultimately fine, though she did need a few stitches, and in her retelling of the event to the AP, she seemed to indicate that Murray handled it with as much grace as possible. “He came over and laid down on the ground with me and he was very concerned, asking if I was okay,” she says. “Once he knew I was okay and not seriously hurt, then he started joking with me, asking how many fingers he was holding up.” During the next day’s round, Murray dropped by her backyard to ask how she was feeling. (She told the AP she has a request for him: She wants a signed copy of Caddyshack.) I’ve always been a Murray fan, but is it weird that his plunking of a woman somehow makes me like him even more? How many stitches would you endure for a chance to be personally cracked up by Bill Murray?

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