By Ken Tucker
Updated April 19, 2009 at 05:54 PM EDT

It looks like Susan Boyle’s got competition as Britain’s new singing sensation. WalesOnline is reporting that last night, a 12 year-old boy named Shaheen Jafargholi, who is said to have “blown away” the judges on Britain’s Got Talent with his performance of a Michael Jackson song, “Who’s Loving You.” The boy from Mount Pleasant, Swansea, sang a rich, gospel-inflected version of the song. An interesting moment occurs early on in this clip, as judge Simon Cowell stops Jafargholi’s initial song-choice and asks him if he’s got something better to sing. He does. Click here to check it out on the Britain’s Got Talent website.

The question is beginning to loom: how quickly can an American TV network start broadcasting the current season of Britain’s Got Talent over here?

What do you think of Shaheen Jafargholi?