The director on his new film''Inglourious Basterds,'' editing, and working with Brad Pitt

By EW Staff
Updated April 17, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW You’ve done gangster movies, kung fu movies…How come WWII?
QUENTIN TARANTINO I’ve always liked that subgenre: a bunch of guys on a mission. In the 1940s, they made war movies with this wonderful mix of adventure and action. And comedy, too. That’s all my s—, you know?

EW You’ve worked with stars before, but never one on this scale…
QT Bruce Willis, he was doing me a favor. Robert De Niro was doing me a favor. Brad is the first time I’ve worked with a huge star at the height of his fame. And he’s not necessarily doing me a favor.

EW How close are you to being ready for Cannes?
QT Oh, we’re editing.

EW Which do you prefer, shooting or editing?
QT Editing. It goes back to the writing process. I’ve always considered the last draft of the script to be the first cut of the movie.