By Annie Barrett
Updated April 17, 2009 at 09:05 PM EDT

The bizarre “You only get two of us” judging policy employed on Tuesday’s American Idol performance show was a shot in the same dark, tangly abyss from which Randy seems to select his nonsensical word salads. Hearing from only Randy/Kara or Paula/Simon after each song was pretty offensive and made the judges seem more useless than usual. Looks like that experiment is now over and all four will address each singer next week, but Tuesday’s disaster really drove home a point that’s been evident all season: This “four judges” thing really isn’t working out.

We initially suspected that Kara DioGuardi would end up replacing Paula, but at this point it might be better to just let extra-mild-salsa Kara go. She’s clearly the Veronica Sawyer in a sea of Heathers — the way Simon blatantly mocked her facial quirks to Paula at the other end of the lunch table Tuesday night, he may as well have just asked Kara out loud, “Did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast?” Should Idol drop Kara before she (Heathers spolier alert!) pours Drano into their Coca-Cola cups? Or do you agree with Michael Slezak that the “fourth wheel on the busted shopping cart that is Idol‘s judging panel” is Randy Jackson instead? Let us know in the comments; meanwhile…it’s time to resurrect the sacred Lunchtime Poll!