From the set list to a certain cheat code, we share our thoughts on the new heavy metal videogame

By Dan Snierson
April 17, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Grab your plastic instruments and assume the headbanging position. This new game will make your neck sore — for all the right reasons.

1 The set list. Metallica diehards will be thrilled by tunes like ”Seek and Destroy,” ”Creeping Death,” and ”The Shortest Straw.” Many of the offerings come from the 1983-91 era (including a six-pack from Master of Puppets!). Metallica also handpicked 21 tunes from their favorite bands, such as Motörhead, Foo Fighters, and Queen.

2 It’ll challenge your chops. Plug in the second bass-drum pedal, select ”Expert+,” and face down a note-for-note translation of Lars Ulrich’s footwork. (Added bonus: nice leg workout!) Good luck surviving ”Dyer’s Eve” or Slayer’s ”War Ensemble.”

3 The cheat code ”Always Drum Fill.” It lets you sub for Lars on the skins, using the actual percussion tones from the original recordings. (Meaning: Your snare sounds stadium-ready on ”Wherever I May Roam,” and kinda like a garbage can on ”Frantic.”)

4 A bunch of bonus goodies. GHM includes concert videos, making-of-the-game footage, unlockable Metallica instruments, and pop-up ”Metallifacts.” (Did you know that James Hetfield wrote the lyrics to ”Fade to Black” while depressed about the band’s gear being stolen?)