MTV has just greenlit a reality show featuring DJ AM and a professional will conducting “tough-love interventions for young people whoselives have become unmanageable because of chemical dependence,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show, tentatively titled Gone Too Far, will draw on the celebrity spinner’s own history of abuse and addiction. Sounds like pretty intense viewing. And it’s certainly a world away from DJ AM’s usual gig of playing crowd-pleasing hits at exclusive parties. I can’t fault him for trying to provide a public service; after last year’s near-fatal plane crash, I’m guessing he wants to give something back to the world, which is great and commendable.

Still, cynic that I am, I wonder if reality TV is the best medium for that mission. Even with the very best intentions, doesn’t a show like this run the risk of turning into just another voyeuristic thrill for viewers who don’t take it the right way? (Celebrity Rehab, I’m looking at you.) I’m willing to give this show the benefit of the doubt at least until I see an episode or two, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have reservations about it. How about you?’