The actress returns with a role in the new film ''Spread'' alongside Ashton Kutcher

By EW Staff
April 17, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Last Big Film: Birth (2004)
New Movie: Spread, a seedy look at L.A. in which she plays a successful older woman who falls for a charming hustler (Ashton Kutcher).
Why Now?: After two seasons on ABC’s Men in Trees, says Heche, ”I thought this take-it-all-off character would be completely different from my writer from Alaska who wore buttoned-up shirts and parkas.” Plus, the actress, 39, was in the midst of an ugly breakup with husband Coley Laffoon. ”I take a lot of roles to have a cathartic experience, and this came at the perfect time.”
Release Date: August 14