By Margaret Lyons
Updated April 15, 2009 at 11:14 PM EDT

Adios, my afternoon productivity. You have been replaced by Scarygirl, a charming and artistic new — free! — web-based game. I am in love.

The dreamy narrative matches perfectly with the stunning animation and style, although I wish the controls were more sensitive and that the movement was a bit faster. The sluggishness of the action is a major letdown, and with duller aesthetics that would probably be a deal-breaker. But I just can’t stop exploring the whole Scarygirl world: It’s cute but not cloying, whimsical but not needlessly cheerful, and I have a major soft spot for games with female protagonists. Win!

So, PopWatchers, have you tried Scarygirl? Are dazzling visuals enough to keep you interested, or is slowed-down play a total turnoff?