By Jeff Labrecque
Updated April 15, 2009 at 10:08 PM EDT
Bob Akester

Though she never attained the box-office clout to warrant it, Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the few female actresses who answers to Movie Star. Beautiful, elegant, talented, beautiful, Pfeiffer would have been a screen icon in any era, and at 50 she’s still got It.

Movie Stars, however, don’t typically appear in straight-to-DVD films. Personal Effects (pictured), though, in which Pfeiffer costars with Kathy Bates and Ashton Kutcher, will be released on video on May 12. This follows I Could Never Be Your Woman, a sweet romance with Paul Rudd that limped straight to video last year.

Is Pfeiffer a victim of the shrinking independent scene, poor career choices, or just a shifting audience that can’t recall how she looks atop a piano? This June, she’ll headline Stephen Frears’ Parisian romance, Cheri, but what she needs is a winning role in a studio film. She was funny and sexy in 2007’s Hairspray, and I still think she was George Clooney’s most formidable onscreen gal, in 1996’s One Fine Day. While her female contemporaries are proving there’s life after 50, it would be a shame for Pfeiffer to be wasting her time in films cast directly into the $3.99 rack.

What was the last Michelle Pfeiffer movie you saw in the theater? Would you like to see her in another romantic comedy? How about a Woody Allen film?

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