By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 14, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Last night on ABC’s Castle, Nathan Fillion’s crime-novelist got naked and had wild “Top 20” sex with his first ex-wife. In next week’s episode, he has a reason to wear a tux. I don’t know whether to applaud the show’s producers for knowing exactly what fans want* and giving it to us, or smack them. It’s almost like we, the women who find Fillion hard to resist, are being preyed upon. First, they reel us in with Castle’s special relationship with his daughter, then they have him talk about having sex in Paris and Kauai (and at Yankee Stadium and the Westminster dog show), then they put him in formal wear. It’s so right, it almost feels manipulative.

We just need the producers to know that we know what they’re up to…and to please step it up. There is no reason that Castle should be getting fewer viewers than its Bob Saget lead-in, Surviving Suburbia.

*Except the photo editor who took this screen grab: “We only see him from the neck up? No booty? Or low slung towel like Grey’s? I’m a mature woman. I need more than some nice broad shoulders and an adorable smile!”

addCredit(“Vivian Zink/ABC”)