By Jean Bentley
Updated April 13, 2009 at 04:12 PM EDT

There’s a very good reason this week’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice had the teams compete in one and a half tasks: The first one just wasn’t all that interesting. No matter how talented the editors, even they couldn’t squeeze two hours out of it.

We picked up after last week’s boardroom, when everyone found out who got axed and who stayed. Joan summed up what I’d like to believe were everyone’s feelings after the viral video challenge: ”Clint is a jackass.” Melissa called out The Donald’s unfounded firing of Khloe: ”You don’t punish someone for trying to change.” And Annie summed up what I’d like to believe were everyone’s feelings about the viral video challenge: ”Your video did suck, Clint, by the way.”

Watch the full ep below, or find out who got canned after the jump.

As for the first task, identity theft = serious problem. Identitytheft prevention service = probably very useful. Selling the identitytheft prevention service on reality TV = not terribly exciting. It wasyour typical Apprentice-type challenge — come up withmarketing concept, create a display, present it to company execs. Youknow, the usual. As much as the editors tried (Jesse James vomits eighttimes from a stomach virus! KOTU’s graphic sticker is too small! Annietakes over, even though she’s not in charge!), this week’s ”drama”didn’t hold a candle to last week’s head-butting. And the boardroom wasequally as tame — it was pretty clear Brian had mentally checked outon the game, so when he conceded defeat and admitted he didn’t care ifhe stayed or not, Trump gave him the ol’ heave-ho.

The new challenge proved to be much more interesting (and ripe fordrama). The remaining contestants were to plan and host an auction ofpieces from Ivanka Trump’s jewelry line. Sooooo many things could gowrong: choosing the pieces (understated or showy?), choosing the models(should the guys or gals pick ’em?), shopping for clothes (fancy gownsor daywear?), raising the money (bug your friends, or wait until theirmoney will go to your charity?). Annie finally stepped up as projectmanager, so we’ll get to see if she can put her money where her mouthis (apparently the lady has heaps of rich friends). Unfortunately, wewon’t get to see it until next week.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did the best team win?Did the right person go home? Were you as pleased as I was that Joancalled out Trump on the Khloe incident? Was Annie too domineering inthe first task? Were you amused or annoyed by Melissa’s whine-festabout Brande and Annie’s newfound friendship (and ”two-facedness”)?Oh, and the special mystery guest they hinted at? Piers Morgan, lastyear’s winner. Can we say ”letdown”? Finally, are you excited to seehow the auctions play out next week?