By Simon Vozick-Levinson
April 13, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

One Foot in the Grave, the warped little anti-folk record that Beck put out immediately after hitting crossover pay dirt with 1994’s Mellow Gold*, has always had a special place in this fan’s heart. So I’m very pleased that Beck is gracing us with a deluxe reissue tomorrow, featuring the full album plus 16 bonus tracks. Stereogum is streaming one of those previously unreleased bonus tracks now. It’s called “Teenage Wastebasket,” and as you might expect if you’ve ever heard One Foot in the Grave, it consists of two parts morbid deadpan lyrics to one part barely-in-tune picking. Fun stuff. Head over to Stereogum to hear “Teenage Wastebasket” now, then weigh in: Are you looking forward to the deluxe One Foot in the Grave? Or is there another Beck rarity that you’d rather see return to print?

*Bonus LOL: EW’s original review of Mellow Gold pegged then-newcomer Beck’s sound as “a cheeky mix of Ray Stevens,Falco, and the Beastie Boys.” Not entirely off-base!

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