By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 12, 2009 at 07:17 PM EDT

A month of Nora Roberts’ adaptations on Lifetime comes to an end, and having seen Jason Lewis in Sex and the City and Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile, I thought we’d be saving the best love scene for last. We did not. The plot of Tribute (pictured) was actually pretty decent: A child star-turned-contractor (Murphy) fixes up her late Oscar-winning grandmother’s Virginia farmhouse and ends up investigating her alleged suicide three decades earlier while hooking up with the famous graphic novelist next door, Ford (Lewis), and receiving death threats from someone who doesn’t want her in town. Perhaps their two abbreviated trysts — only one of which even got Lewis shirtless — would’ve been gratifying had Ivan Sergei and Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin not outdone themselves in last Saturday’s premiere, High Noon. Or, perhaps our minds were better off pondering how cruel those quick cuts were instead of how you probably wouldn’t actually fall to the ground if someone spit in your face; how strangely the wife of the real estate agent had always acted around Cilla; and how obvious it was that Murphy had a stunt double for her fight scene with the wife (who’d drugged Cilla’s pregnant grandmother over an affair with her husband and was attempting to do the same to Cilla, a reminder of the humiliation — only Cilla “CSI‘d her ass”).

What did you think of Tribute, and how would you rank the four latest Nora Roberts’ films in terms of overall enjoyment? I’d go Northern Lights, Tribute, High Noon, then Midnight Bayou.