Credit: Mitch Haddad/NBC

Me, I’m going with “good.” As I said in my review in the magazine, NBC’s constant commercials gave away a lot of the jokes in the premiere episode of Amy Poehler’s new sitcom. And coming, as the ads said, “from the people who bring you The Office,” shot in the same faux-documentary, no-laugh-track style, comparisons are inevitable and, perhaps, a little disappointing.

But I think Poehler’s character, the feisty, optimistic small-town bureaucrat Leslie Knope, is a terrific creation. Parks needs a few weeks to establish its own tone, and for us to get used to the characters surrounding her. (In addition to Rashida Jones and Human Giant‘s Aziz Ansari, it was really nice to see Everwood‘s Chris Pratt in a cameo as Jones’ boyfriend.)

Sandwiched between two fine episodes of The Office (I’m not totally buying Pam’s commitment to Michael’s paper company, even if it’s ambivalent commitment, but lines like “I have eggs in my crocs” were great), Parks and Recreation has some growing to do. But I enjoyed all the performances, the attitude, and the atmosphere that’s being created by Poehler and her collaborators.

I’m rooting for it. How about you?

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