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Most music video compilations are best thought of as reference items — nice to own for completists, but how often are you really going to sit through that entire DVD? One huge exception to this rule: clips directed by French auteur Michel Gondry. I can’t count how many hours I’ve spent watching and re-watching the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director’s supremely trippy 2003 The Work of Michel Gondry DVD. The man is a master. So I’m beyond pleased that Gondry is releasing another DVD next week with even more of his awesome music-video work.

My personal favorite Gondry videos are probably on that first compilation. (“Let Forever Be”! “Come Into My World”!! Sorry, my brain is exploding even thinking about that DVD.) But there are some truly great ones on the new compilation, too. You’ve got Radiohead’s “Knives Out,” which I can’t embed here but which nonetheless rocks (though Thom Yorke reportedly disagrees?); the White Stripes’ “The Denial Twist,” below; Paul McCartney’s “Dance Tonight,” Bjork’s “Declare Independence,” and Beck’s “Cellphone’s Dead,” all after the jump; and tons more. So let’s hear it: What’s your favorite out of all Gondry’s videos? And will you be buying this DVD?

The White Stripes, “The Denial Twist”

Paul McCartney, “Dance Tonight”

Bjork, “Declare Independence”

Beck, “Cellphone’s Dead”

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