By Kerrie Mitchell
April 10, 2009 at 06:51 PM EDT

Kanye seemed like he was feeling chastened after a recent South Park episode mocked him as a…gay fish with a big ego. (Watch the episode here. Too much to explain.) Indeed he even responded on his blog with a good-natured post, saying “IT HURTS MY FEELINGS BUT WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM SOUTH PARK! I ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON MY EGO THOUGH.” Nice, Kanye, I thought. Way to be gracious and thoughtful. But wait a minute. Turns out Kanye’s just happens to also have some new marketing deals in the works. It seems this week he’s signed up for a personal fragrance and a Kanye-branded energy drink. And he also released his own Nike shoe, the Air Yeezy, last weekend to hoards of sneaker fans across the country. So the South Park episode aired just as he was hawking his shoes? Was this part of his master plan? Did he know? Did he just get the last laugh on South Park? Conspiracy!

addCredit(“Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images”)