By Jean Bentley
Updated April 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Things just got real, yo — in this week’s Enter the Fray, that is. Eight out of 10 stories agree: Reality television gets you all riled up. Here’s what got you talking this week….

10. Adam B. Vary was seriously disturbed at the sight of Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint losing his on-screen innocence with an ”edgy” role in a new indie.

9. Megan Joy Corkrey stopped by the Idolatry studios (i.e. Michael Slezak’s office) for a video exit interview.

8. Alynda Wheat experienced Flo Rida’s ”harem” in person on American Idol elimination night, and got her first live-show experience on the scene at performance night.

7. Carrie Underwood’s gigantic dress was just one of the highlights recounted by Mandi Bierly from this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards.

6. Dave Karger stopped by Idolatry to defend Kristen Baldwin’s archenemy, Danny Gokey.

5. Michael Slezak suggested some tunes for the top 8 to perform during ”Songs From the Year You Were Born” week, and Scott MacIntyre ended up taking the advice. What would you have suggested?

4. In his latest Survivor: Tocantins blog, Jeff Probst wondered whether Coach was a real dragon slayer.

3. For what seems like the billionth straight week, Adam Lambert (deservedly) topped the American Idol Power List.

2. After watching this week’s performances, were you surprised by the bottom three? I like Scott — he’s definitely a good-natured, funny guy, but hearing him sing made me want to maim something.

1. It seems that you guys were as upset as I was when Donald Trump fired two people for completely arbitrary infractions on this week’s Celebrity Apprentice. Hopefully this Sunday’s firing will actually have something to do with the task.