By Annie Barrett
Updated April 10, 2009 at 10:52 PM EDT

There are plenty of reasons I’ll probably keep up with CBS’ Harper’s Island — creepy little Madison who grills snails with a magnifying glass, random non-red herring birds crashing into pretty people’s cocktail glasses, and the shocking visual of a Half-Off Harry Hamlin, for starters. But the following triumph in abbrev’ed vocab is so lame-slash-awesome, I can’t stop playing it for everyone who stops by for Reese’s Eggs! Presenting…Mr. Debauch.

I hope this guy doesn’t die next, because he needs to present at least one silly slang word per week. Maybe he’s the one orchestrating the murders. That would be seriously debauch, you guys. What about you — will you be sticking around for the rest of Harper’s Island, especially since it’ll only last an easy 13 episodes?