By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 10, 2009 at 07:12 PM EDT

It’s been a season of tough love for Bones (where I’m concerned), but this episode was a definite return to form. The case was…entirely over my head, but as I’ve said before, I’d rather be hearing words that I don’t understand than seeing Booth and Brennan ride a motorcycle and sidecar. Here’s what it did right:

• Had a meat puzzle that took everyone to solve (except for Angela, who was apparently either too distracted by her celibacy vow or her visiting father’s agenda to kill Hodgins to actually work): The remains of Dr. Diane Sidman, editor-in-chief of the prestigious Journal of the Collar Institute, were found in garbage bags. Gross, yes. But we got to see Hodgins and Nigel-Murray (I refuse to call him Vincent) do TWO experiments. The first involved firing a cannon at a dummy in the Jeffersonian, which earned them a scolding by Cam, who said the two of them could no longer be in a room together without supervision — ha. (Booth pushing Brennan to the wall when they heard the shot felt too forced to be hot — I’m not that easy, people.) The second involved them flash-freezing a turkey and dropping it off the balcony to watch it shatter into pieces like the body of the victim. Only, it didn’t. It bounced, flew into the air, and hit Angela in the face. REALLY? She was hit in the face by a flying turkey? I just pretended that did not happen. And so did the show’s writers — no one mentioned it again. (If I were hit in the face by a frozen turkey, it’s all I’d be talking about. Like the second time I slipped on a banana peel.) Booth and Brennan’s investigation led to some great comedic moments, such as when Brennan found the formerly radioactive spot in the victim’s office (“Testing me in the cancer chair?!” Booth squealed, before saying, “I gotta go to the bathroom” and running out) and the two of them trying to counteract the wavelengths when they were locked in the sonic wavelength chamber thingie (the tortured faces and high-pitched noises they made had to come with some great footage for the DVD blooper reel).

• Had Booth be insecure instead of goofy. We’ve been in wacky Booth land a lot recently, so it was nice to return to Brennan’s world where we know he feels like an outsider. Having to question the victim’s fiancé (Joe from Brothers & Sisters!), lover, and lover’s lover — all of whom worked at the Collar Institute — made Booth agitated, which is always enjoyable. (I’d say had there been a fourth suspect at “Club Med Mensa,” he would’ve been shooting ice cream trucks again.) Booth admitted to Brennan that she’s the only really smart person he actually likes, and that he’s worried she’ll figure out how stupid he is if they have to hang around geniuses. In typical Tempe fashion, she said she figured out how stupid he is a long time ago. (Cut to a classic Booth face.) That she didn’t care how stupid he is. (Cut to me thinking that Booth should always wear a dark shirt and jacket.) And that there’s “intelligence,” which she, Nigel-Murray, and Hodgins have — and that Sweets would have if he didn’t misdirect it and render it meaningless. After insulting Angela, too, (she’s just “talented”), she explained to Booth that he’s smart when it comes to knowing how to use intelligence. That pacified him, because he’s stupid. KIDDING. After a week without our usual episode-ending B&B bonding moment, I was happy to get that exchange. And the knowing look they shared. And, as previously mentioned, the shots of Booth in casual wear.

• Had Booth talking about sex. So maybe I am that easy… Building up to the B&B bedroom scene we’ve been promised by season’s end, we were once again reminded of Booth’s position that sex is best when it’s one-on-one “making love” — and that Brennan (and seemingly, every scientist in Washington) has no problem with cheating and not grieving. If Booth hadn’t given her his “people make a mark on each other that should require time to fade away” speech, she totally would’ve given the victim’s blind fiancé her number when he asked for it — a second after he punched Booth (by mistake) and then the killer, the victim’s lover/student who stabbed her when his plan to give her leukemia didn’t kill her quickly enough to ensure that he wouldn’t have to share publishing credit with her on an article.

• Had Sweets admit he had a thing for Angela. Honestly, I was not feeling the return of Angela’s dad and never found him threatening for a second. But on the plus side, he scared Sweets enough to make him tell Hodgins that he’d secretly had a crush on Angela, which has effectively ended. I hope that works its way back into the show, like at a drunken Christmas party. Angela talked her dad down, and all he did to Hodgins was leave him stranded somewhere with a GIANT “Angie Forever” tattoo on his arm. That is also something that should be addressed on the show again. Will it? Who knows.

• Had same-sex bonding. Angela and Brennan went to lunch (why couldn’t they have included Cam, like last episode’s “men suck” bitch session, and maybe talked about the fact that she now has a teenage girl living with her?), as did the boys (Hodgins, Sweets, and Nigel-Murray). I’m still holding out for a trip to a singles bar. Maybe that’s what happens when Brennan decides she wants a baby. Instead of going to a sperm bank, she’ll want to see the men in action. Study them. She’ll be leaving the bar with someone, and Booth will stop her at the door, take her by the arm, and lead her to his car. I just made myself giddy thinking about it…

So what did you think of the episode? Is the show back on track? Did you like the midway recap from Cam and Angela? (Fox tells me we’ll be seeing that again.) And did a little piece of you die inside when Nigel-Murray said that an average chocolate bar has eight insect legs in it?