By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 09, 2009 at 11:42 PM EDT

My colleague Tim Stack just received a Snuggie from his mother for Easter. She bought each of her children one — and her husband, too, after he insisted that he complete the matching Stack family set. Tim’s was sent to our office, where I made him try it on immediately. (I’d never seen a Snuggie in person. Have you? Take our poll below.) Turns out, he can’t actually use his hands — which, as anyone who’s seen the infomercial knows, is the big selling point. (He also can’t walk in it because it’s too long. He looked like a Satantic Smurf on his way to a ritual…or Ausiello’s office.)

Granted, the Snuggie isn’t marketed for office-use. Or mobility. I just thought you all should know that for some people, the short ones, the only options are sitting and reaching once for the remote or the phone. (Tim does have a TV in his office, which is often chilly, Mrs. Stack, so he will get some use out of it and thanks you.)