By Margaret Lyons
Updated April 09, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Parks and Recreation isn’t the only show premiering tonight: Harper’s Island on CBS and Southland on NBC are both making their debuts tonight, too. To the breakdown!

Southland is an L.A.-set cop show from John Wells. Harper’s Island is about group of friends that gather on a remote island in the PacificNorthwest for a wedding. Instead of a party, though, they’re murderedone by one. Mystery!

Hey, you! I know you! Ben McKenzie will always be The OC‘s Ryan Atwood, but on Southland he’s a rookie cop. Other familiar faces include perennial Hey, It’s That Guy Michael Cudlitz, Regina King, and Tom Everett Scott. Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty‘s Henry) and Harry Hamlin are Harper’s‘ two most familiar faces, but you’ve seen the rest of the cast elsewhere, too.

FTW The bleeped-out cursing on Southland, Arrested Development stizz, was kind of a surprise. Harper’s is set for a 13-episode run — and that’s it. Please, TVoverlords, make fully contained, short-run series a fo-reals optiondown the road.

WTF I liked Southland better when it was called Crash and Third Watch Had a Baby. And Harper’s is a little flabby — aren’t murder mysteries supposed to be intense?

Verdict I’m in for the first, oh, three episodes of both newcomers — and after that, if they can’t get it together, I won’t miss them.

addCredit(“Cassidy: Chris Helcermanas-Benge/CBS; McKenzie: Justin Lubin/NBC”)