By Sean Smith
Updated April 09, 2009 at 04:29 AM EDT

Legendary comedienne Joan Rivers will be roasted on Comedy Central on July 26, the Associated Press reports. The show will air on the network on Aug. 9. Rivers, 75, launched to fame in the 1980s with her blunt humor and then-ubiquitous catch-phrase: “Can we talk?” In the mid ’90s she (with help from her daughter, Melissa) became the most important/funny/terrifying fashion critic at the Oscars and Golden Globe awards each year. The comedians roasting her this summer may have a tough challenge, though, as Rivers has made an art out of roasting herself. For years she’s made fun of her addiction to plastic surgery and her age. She once joked that the last time she was roasted, “it was a two-for-one special: Joan of Arc and me.” Rivers is still performing today. She did a one-woman show at theGeffen Playhouse in Los Angeles last year, and recently appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. Here’s Rivers talking fashion (and dissing stars) on Rachel Ray’s show in January.