April 08, 2009 at 05:03 PM EDT

Hey, remember how yesterday I wondered about the overlap between the audiences for American Idol and my beloved Fringe? Well, that overlap occurred last night, in a couple of ways. Idol viewers saw numerous shots of a serene bald man in the Hollywood studio audience. It was Michael Cerveris, the actor who plays the creepy, he’s-everywhere Observer on Fringe. And since that hoggish Idol spilled over into Fringe‘s time period last night, it was only right that The Observer should be there to patrol this unusual event, as he does so many unusual events on Fringe.

Many of you also responded to my blog entry yesterday asking whether you watch both Idol and Fringe. I’m happy to report (or you can easily see for yourself in the comments section here), that there are indeed Idolators among the Fringees (Fringe-ites? Fringalators? We have to come up with a good nickname, comrades). As one poster, Warren, asks, “Is Idol part of The Pattern?” He’s referring, of course, to the show’s tied-together, largely-unexplained events thus far. And Warren, maybe you’ve hit on the reason Kara DioGuardi exists: She’s an alien sent to subvert Idol!

It was a great episode of Fringe last night; did you enjoy Walter Bishop’s boogie-down to Al Green’s “Love and Happiness”?

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