When I first heard Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” single I thought a band of tiny but determined elves were rearranging my eardrums with rusty chainsaws. And not in a good way. Since then I’ve listened to the song about a million times (thanks, gym playlist!) and have concluded the track is even more diabolically annoying than I first believed. But it appears I am in the minority. The song has been covered by other artists with an enthusiasm only matched in recent times by musicians’ desire to remake Radiohead’s “Creep” in their own image. Since “Womanizer” was released last year it has been performed by the All-American Rejects, Lily Allen, Fall Out Boy, and now Franz Ferdinand, whose very Franz Ferdinand-ian revamp of the track can be heard below. At first I assumed all of these hipper-than-Britney stars were making fun of the repetitive song, and there is certainly a comic element to the Rejects’ version (even if ultimately it is also the bleakest of the bunch). But when I spoke to Lily Allen earlier this year she declared with apparent seriousness that “Everyone’s a Britney fan!,” while apparently Franz frontman Alex Kapranos has said the song is the best single of the past few months.

To which I say…well, you know what I say. But what about you? What is the “appeal” of “Womanizer”? And who else would you like to hear cover it?

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Leave Britney alone, Fred Durst!

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