By Jean Bentley
Updated April 08, 2009 at 11:09 PM EDT

This week’s Must List is brought to you by the soundtrack to Adventureland. While the coming-of-age movie is set in 1987, the understated soundtrack relies on carefully chosen indie rock and lesser-known pop favorites to tell its story instead of going for a Wedding Singer-esque nostalgia-fueled dance party. Think: the Replacements, the Velvet Underground, and Husker Du, not Culture Club, Flock of Seagulls, and Kajagoogoo. Lou Reed’s ”Satellite of Love,” in particular, plays a minor role in the film (and was a welcome addition to the ”Lou Reed/Velvet Underground songs in recent soundtracks” playlist I started after hearing ”I Found a Reason” at the end of this season’s Big Love finale).

What’s kicking around your Must List this week? Listen to ”Satellite of Love” (embedded after the jump), watch Jessica Shaw rap some Beastie Boy songs in the latest episode of Must List Live (embedded below), then share your Must List picks. List up to three items from current TV/movies/music/books/games/online. Don’t forget your e-mail address, in case we decide to use your submission in the magazine. Deadline is Thursday, April 9 at noon ET.