By Clark Collis
Updated April 07, 2009 at 09:09 PM EDT

I can remember hearing Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club for the first time on CD—after years of listening to it on vinyl—and thinking well, that’s it! This is the definitive version that people will be listening to for millenia to come. But I had underestimated the irresistible force-iness of technology (and mammon). Earlier today Apple Corps Ltd. and EMI Music announced that Pepper and the rest of the Beatles catalog has been digitally remastered for the first time and will be re-released on September 9 (but there’s still no word on whether they’ll be available on iTunes). Each of the 12 original Fab Four albums will also feature historical notes and a mini-documentary. The re-release coincides with the debut of The Beatles: Rock Band video game which will at last allow fans to become the “Fifth Beatle” (thus joining a select band of about ten gazillion folks who were hailed as such during the band’s actual career).

So, Music Mixers, will you be buying a couple of the digital remasters? All of them? Or none at all?