By Ken Tucker
April 07, 2009 at 09:32 PM EDT

For some of us, the big Fox attraction tonight isn’t American Idol: It’s the return of Fringe for the final six new episodes of its first season. Trust me: I have seen tonight’s episode, titled “Inner Child,” and it’s one of the show’s best so far. It’s got a lot going for it:

• A serial killer called The Artist, for a very good reason

• Anna Torv’s agent Olivia Dunham bonds with a mysterious boy with empathic powers

• For Fringe mythology fans, you get a nice glimpse of The Observer and a couple of new clues about The Pattern

• For Fringe non-mythology fans, you get genius-loony Dr. Walter Bishop dancing to Al Green’s “Love and Happiness”

What else can I do to make you watch? Oh, yeah: This show does not have Danny Gokey or any of that crappy music!

So will you watch, please, and tell me what you think tomorrow? And are there any Idol fans (sorry if I insulted you) who also watch Fringe? I’m curious if there’s much overlap…