Can’t wait for U2’s forthcoming Spider-Man musical or Tony-winning director Michael Mayer’s all-singing, all-dancing revamp of Green Day’s American Idiot? Then the Music Mix has some good news! Well, good-ish news. Tonight a musical adaptation of the 1984 comedy-horror movie The Toxic Avenger — in which a health-club janitor becomes an irradiated, melty-faced crime fighter — opens at the New World Stages theater in New York. Appropriately, this song-filled tribute to New Jersey’s preeminent superhero was penned by Bon Jovi keyboard player David Bryan and his writing partner Joe DiPietro. “Joe said, ‘He’s the first superhero from New Jersey, we’re both from Jersey, what about making a rock and roll musical out of it?'” recalls Bryan. “Certain parts of the movie we wanted, certain parts we didn’t. It’s all about the evil mayor of New Jersey taking kickbacks from New York to take toxic waste and then they hire a blind librarian to hide the town records. It still talks about global warming and social issues but it’s also a comedy and a love story. Our big ballad is called “Hot Toxic Love.””

Bryan has also been working on a new Bon Jovi album. “It’ll be finished when it’s finished,” he says, but we’re looking at a couple of release windows. Maybe the fourth quarter of this year, the first quarter of next — somewhere in that time zone.”

Check out footage of The Toxic Avenger Musical here and tell us what you think. Plus: what other super-heroes would you like to see beating baddies and hitting high notes?

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