By Margaret Lyons
April 06, 2009 at 07:04 PM EDT

OMG. Laura Leighton is returning to Melrose Place! This gives me license to be completely psyched. I’ve had my concerns about the show, and early casting news did little to assuage my fears. But the return of Sydney? Really? Like, the craziest character of the ’90s — certainly crazier than Melrose‘s more beloved Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) — is coming back? Uh, from the dead? You got me, New Melrose. I cannot resist the siren song of Sydney Andrews Mancini Field.

If the rumor is true, Sydney is now the landlord of the dramahaüs, which will no doubt bring back a lot of memories for her. Like when she put on her sister Jane’s wedding dress and the two of them had a catfight in the pool. Or when she ran a high-end prostitution ring out of her apartment there, or got sucked into a creepy cult by her roommate, or when she drugged Jane and then had to take care of her, or when the two of them killed Jane’s rapist, except he wasn’t dead. Ah, the old days!  Most importantly, it might bring back the memory that Syndey died. At her own wedding.

I love that Melrose 2.0 is embracing the sort of internal logic that made the first series so sublime: none. Melrose is a show that taught us you can survive a fall from any height, as long as you land on top of another person; that it’s easy to have someone committed to a mental institution, that surgeons frequently moonlight as psychiatrists, and that people drink like, pint glasses full of vodka. Congrats, show, on throwing off the shackles of reason and embrace the anything-goes policy of your ancestor! Viva la Sydney!

Anyone else counting the hours until this reboot is upon us? Any other alumni you want to see come back for 2.0?

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