Dead Man's Bones

Ryan Gosling has a band. Yes, it’s true. It’s called Dead Man’s Bones, and in actuality it’s just Gosling and his pal Zach Shields. The two have just posted the video for their second single, “Name in Stone.” And much like the first song, “In The Room Where You Sleep,” it is downright eerie — but in a good way. Gosling’s deep, dark voice (reminiscent of Beirut’s Zach Condon) is the main attraction here. It’s just so hard to believe that booming voice is coming from someone who was so meek and soft-spoken in Lars and the Real Girl.

When the video for “In The Room Where You Sleep” debuted a few months ago, I was simultaneously surprised and intrigued. Surprised because I didn’t even know Gosling could, you know, sing. (I obviously had forgotten about his stint on the Mickey Mouse Club.) And intrigued because the music had such a bizarre, other-worldly tone to it. With its Gothic sensibilities and haunting choir of costumed children (pictured), “Sleep” wouldn’t be out of place in a horror movie. Or, as others have pointed out, on an Arcade Fire album.

The “Name in Stone” video features more costumed children (this time perched atop tree branches), a random woman in white holding her baby, and Gosling ditching his piano for a guitar. The song might not be as catchy as the duo’s first, but the elements are obviously there for a really interesting debut album. Dead Man’s Bones’ MySpace page cryptically says “album soon,” but it’s been rumored for later this summer. I’m anticipating it. How about you? Watch their two videos after the jump and weigh in: will Ryan Gosling be one of the few actor-turned-musician success stories? Or is Dead Man’s Bones too strange?

Dead Man’s Bones: “Name in Stone”

Dead Man’s Bones: “In the Room Where You Sleep”

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Dead Man's Bones
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