When Daniel Radcliffe chose to doff his clothes to show the world he was more than just Harry Potter, at least he did it starring in one of the most well-regarded plays of the last 40 years — you know, keep it classy. Judging from the trailer for Rupert Grint’s latest non-Potter project Cherrybomb, however, our beloved Ron Weasley has decided to launch his edgy period with a movie a fair shade more in-your-face. Check out the (kinda NSFW) clip below and see for yourself…if you can see, that is, while peeking through your fingers.

Brawling? Doing blow? Having the sexual relations? Oh Rupe — Rupie? Rupers? Rupunzel? — did you really have to shed your Potter shackles by taking on a movie that looks like a second-rate mash-up of a Bret Easton Ellis novel and the British teen soap Skins? What say you, PopWatchers — are you as embarassingly intrigued horrified as I am?