By Adam Markovitz
Updated April 06, 2009 at 02:31 PM EDT

It’s hard to imagine that the cakes in The Food Network’s newest reality competition are actually tasty. They’re draped in pounds of fondant, pierced with metal pipes for structure, and then coated in sugar flowers and gum paste ornaments that turn the simple white cake bases into the pastry equivalent of a drag queen. But that’s hardly the point; these gravity-defying confections have about as much to do with eggs and flour as a Chanel dress does with a cotton plant. Ultimately, they’re food for the eyes. And this show lets us ooh and aah over them while watching the contestants sweat it out in a race to be named “America’s Best Cake Decorator.”

The trouble is, we’ve seen most of this before on a slew of other Food Network specials about “extreme” baking. And the Survivor-style eliminations, while entertaining, don’t exactly make the show a nail-biter. If it’s really going to become a must-watch for foodies, LCS needs to push the boundaries a little more and make its contestants think—and bake—outside the box.

What do you think PopWatcher? Does Last Cake Standing deserve to be put on a (cake) pedestal, or is it just a reheated reality leftover?