By Jean Bentley
Updated April 06, 2009 at 02:49 PM EDT

I don’t know about you, PopWatchers, but I found last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice to be infuriating. It was nice to see the teams shaken up (Joan, Natalie, and Khloe were sent to KOTU, and Jesse and Brian were sent to Athena), but the arbitrary board room results made me resent the fact that I had just spent two hours watching the show. Really — why make us invest time in watching the celebs complete their task when their performances aren’t going to have anything to do with who gets fired?

This week, the teams had to write, produce, and edit a viral video for All Small & Mighty 3x concentrated laundry detergent. Inexplicably, both teams interpreted ”small and mighty” to mean ”midgets.” Athena’s ”Jesse James gets washed by midgets” sounded awful in concept but turned out really funny, and KOTU’s ”Laundry innuendo” sounded funny in concept but turned out really creepy and weird.

After the jump: A dubious double elimination!

While the Athena video was clearly funnier and approximately 150 percent less creepy than KOTU’s (even Perez Hilton agreed), the All execs nixed both ideas and Trump sent both teams to the board room. Melissa, proud of the way her team performed, figured she’d be eliminated because no one really messed up, and solicited volunteers to accompany her to the board room. Timid Tionne stepped forward, which ultimately backfired when Trump fired her for volunteering. Unfair? Sure. But she could’ve done her homework before going on the show and found out that Trump hates when people volunteer for the board room. As aggravating as it was to see her go, the second elimination was even more exasperating.

The whole episode centered around the idea that project managerClint commandeered the entire KOTU video — came up with the idea,directed it, edited it, and wouldn’t listen to his teammates when theytold him it was nonsensical and strange — so when he arbitrarilypicked Khloe and Natalie to accompany him to the board room and Trumpdidn’t spend one second questioning him about the shambles of a viralvideo he made, I knew one of the ladies was in trouble. And when Trumpstarted lecturing Khloe about the DUI that everyone with an Internetconnection already knew about, I knew her number was up.

Khloe got a DUI, spent time in jail, and is taking court-orderedalcohol education classes. Sure, she seemed a little cavalier aboutwhat happened, but after watching a marathon a couple of episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians,I’m pretty sure she’s cavalier about absolutely everything (and I kindof love her for it). Clearly the producers on the show knew about theDUI (that happened more than a year ago), so the fact that Trump didn’tknow about it until Khloe mentioned it was pretty puzzling. I canunderstand having such an emotional reaction after learning thatsomeone you know did something so reckless and irresponsible. We allknow reality shows aren’t always judged entirely on merit and fairness,but really — what else was this girl supposed to do? She served hertime, apologized, and seems intent on never doing something so stupidagain.

Were you shocked by the double elimination? I wasn’t surprised that it happened, but I was surprisedthat Clint didn’t go. Who do you think should have gone from each teaminstead? Did Clint’s behavior bother you? Did you like Joan’simpromptou QVC ad? And whose video did you like more?